The street of the blind

Rusinovo is a street of the blind and visually impaired people in the town of Ermolino in the Kaluga region in Russia. Until 1995, it was a separate village where the visually impaired were sent from the different regions of the Soviet Union.

In 1948 the basic enterprise for the blind and visually impaired was built here. The main activity of the blind people in the production was the installation of boards for TVs called «Rubin». The village was attached to the town called Ermolino and now it is a separate street which is situated five kilometers away from the city, where people without visual impairment also live. Nowadays, the workshop production of «RUSiNovoPak» for the blind is only engaged in the collection of medical pipettes and is considered unprofitable for the enterprise. In the neighboring workshop people without disabilities produce cardboard, it helps to cover the losses of the workshop for the blind.

Blind and visually impaired live in several five-storey houses; also there are private houses behind them on the street and it looks like one of the streets in the usual village. The larger half of the blind in Rusinovo are the seniors, who moved here during the Soviet times. Children were born with a full vision and they left the place. In total there are 115 blind and visually impaired people in Rusinovo.